Wednesday, January 28, 2009

December 30th 2008

The weather finally allowed us a viewing, although the lawn at the castle proved to be unavailable to us.
However, we set up further down the bluff and had a somewhat surprisingly good attendance.

Thanks Nick, Ive been a bit tardy of late updating the logs-, Your comments are very understated! We arrived at Pedros on the night BEFORE New Years Eve with a huge light show rehersal about to start. After some negociating I lost completley - being offered a bill of around $200 and hour for the lighting crew to postpone their tests. So we upped and went up the dirt track further past the castle onto the bluff (cliff) itself . I cant actually remember what we saw that night but it was an excellent evening especially from the point if visibility, and of course no light show Certainly we saw the Andromeda Nebula as Richard and I had a debate on the actual distance in light years!

Some meteors were spotted as well as a couple of satellites. The Orion Nebula was very spectacular I remember too.

Self imposed note - Must try harder to record the events of the night!