Saturday, February 23, 2008

February 2008 Extra Ordinary Events,The AGM, ISS passes and a great Lunar Eclipse!

Inspite of a poor Observing night at Pedro this month,

1) the AGM was held on Sunday 17th , The Society continues!!

2) On Monday 18th AND Tuesday 19th thanks to a reminder from Richard the ISS together with the space shuttle made passes across the Caymans, the Monday Evening pass was especially brilliant, first the shuttle and then the ISS crossed thr sky in formation. The ISS seems very bright - much brighter than predicted on "Heavens Above" _-3?). The following evening the pass was much lower in the West and not long after sunset, so it certainly appearred less bright. On Wednseday the Shuttle landed safely in Florida

3) An excellent lunar eclipseon the 20th!

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Cayman Islands Astronomical Society said...

Yet more news this month ... On Sunday 2nd of March , Nick and Chris visited the astronomical couple Doug and Paula Cunningham from Ontario. They were on holiday in North Sound. Inspite of a somewhat illuminating prayer meeting down the Road that night with the 10 inch Dob we observed the following...
Y Canis Majoris Cluster
Orion Nebula (superb 14mm eyepiece)
M46 with PN 2438
M41 OC in Canis Major
Saturn (stable conditions)

and a failed attempt at M81 and M82, too low in the North.(probably easy from Canada)

Great evening and a good chance to see different eyepieces and the Celestron Scout as well as enjoying enthusiastic compmany