Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday 10th March Pedros Castle

Good turn out tonight, almost all the committee! The skies cleared nicely by 7:30, Mike also bought his heavy binos on an even heavier equatorial mounting to add to the fun .

Saturn seems very impressive at the moment inspite of the rings closing up. Recent visitors to the Island (see last months notes) commented on just how stable the air is in the tropics, and is ideal for planetary viewing

Mars also was visible but VERY high up in the Zenith.A good sized disk is still visible with some surface markings in the higher powered eyepeices, though with some flaring of the image.

The Moon also was observed along with an easy target of the open Cluster M41 near Sirius.

After the Plieades we attempted some of the open Clusters in Auriga , we got M36 and M38
Two satellites were observed and one meteor, from its direction it may have been a Leonid

Overall quite a clear night for us at Pedros

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