Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thursday 8 May 2008 Pedros

Mercury was clearly visible as a disk. The Societies new eyepieces are helping a great deal. Also Observed were

-the moon, slightly different this month as the meeting was a little later in the lunar month
- Mars (disappointing as usual)
- Saturn and at least two moons.

2 satellites were observed.

The weather was as the evening progressed slightly muggy, and visibility was not as good as the early evening had suggested. Having said that we were treated to a fine view of Omega Centauri (and most of Centuraus too!) as well as the Southern Cross, though the Jewel Box is still too low this month.
A thoughtfull discussion then ensued (as always this time of the year) on the "pointers" to the South Pole and where the False Cross was actually located.

The Meeting was adjourned to Durty Reids

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