Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday 5th June Pedros Castle

Nick and I arrived early- the weather looked mixed but started clearing.
After the Moon , Mars and Saturn ( 3 of its moons were visible) a couple of satellites were looked for - one seen!

The Southern aspect this time of the year is very grand, even though there is nearly always a slight haze near the horizon. the aspect at Pedros nearly always gives a good clear dark sky to the South

The Southern Cross (Crux) was clearly seen with the complex Centurus to its left. Alpha Centuari is seen as a nice easy double star (although its far more than that of course).
Also observed were the "Jewel Box" (NGC 4755) and Omega Centauri (NGC 5139) seen tonight with the naked eye.

I was very keen to push my knowledsge to the right of Crux, namely the Constellation of Carina.

Eta Carinae - the Keyhole Nebula has become almost a quest of Holy Grail proportions for me but I still struggle to find it. I did come across the "Southern Pleiades" (IC 2602) and a very nice open cluster ( which is either NGC 3766 or NGC 3532). The low haze won.

After brief refreshment at Durty Reids we re immerged to the car park to see Scorpius fully risen, the stars (Shaula and Lesath) representing the stinger clearly seen high in the sky.

Still no sign of Jupiter rising in the East though

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